Madison Goose Control

Canada Geese are large migratory water birds that can weigh up to 14 pounds. They range in length from 30 to 40 inches. They have a black head and neck and have a white stripe near their chin. They have brown backs and white bellies. They can be found in many fields, grasslands, golf courses and parks. Many will even nest in landscaping around shopping centers and malls. When they are in areas near humans they can become aggressive while protecting their nests or while begging for food. Canada Geese are many herbivores but will eat small fish and insects. They have also adapted to eating human food found in trash or around picnic areas.

Goose Control Services In Madison

To address the various problems that geese can create for property owners and the community, AAAC Wildlife Removal Madison offers goose control services in Madison, Wisconsin. We use humane techniques to keep geese away from residential areas, public spaces, parks, golf courses, and other properties.

Our main technique for goose control is called “goose hazing” which uses trained dogs to herd or scare geese out of the area. This method is cost effective and does not involve trapping or harming wildlife in any way. The dogs we use are carefully trained to move geese away without causing injury to them and are also vaccinated to reduce the risk of disease transmission. We also use other methods such as habitat modification and egg oiling to effectively manage geese populations in a safe and humane manner.

If you own property in Madison and need help managing an overabundance of geese, contact AAAC Wildlife Removal Madison today. Our experienced staff will offer customized solutions that meet your specific needs while keeping our commitment to protecting wildlife intact.

Canada Geese Hazing

Goose hazing is a humane and effective method for controlling Canada geese population and minimizing the damage they can cause to properties and communities. Goose hazing uses trained dogs to scare Canada geese away from your property. The goal of goose hazing is to convince Canada geese that your property is not a safe or desirable place for them to live, which can help reduce the number of Canada geese on your property and prevent damage.

The most common type of dog used for Canada goose hazing is the border collie. Border collies are herding dogs that are trained to mimic natural predators like wolves and coyotes. When resident Canada geese see a border collie, they recognize it as a potential threat and will often flee to the nearest body of water. Well-trained border collies will then jump into the water and swim after the Canada geese, further reinforcing the idea that your property is not a safe place for them to be. Regular patrols throughout the year are necessary to maintain a successful hazing program for Canadian geese.